description of carbon

Carbon is the name of industrially produced fibers of carbon elements. Carbon fibers become braid and inserted for reinforcement in a plastic matrix. The term "carbon fiber reinforced plastic" comes from this manufacturing process.


The enormous tensile strength and low weight is the biggest advantage of carbon fibers. A manufactured component can withstand extreme loads in the pulling direction of the fiber, but unlike to metal, lateral load reduce the stability of carbon part significantly. Because of most modern technology and a top team of engineers with extensive Formula 1 racing experience, we design and construct carbon components which are exactly suitable for your application range. But of course they also can cope with the strength you need.

Please note: We offer the highest quality carbon components only, no original plastic from vehicle manufacturer which is covered with a thin carbon layer just for visual reasons.

Another great strength of exclutec lies in the affection to perfection. We only deliver the best possible technically feasible quality. Especially our discerning customers appreciate exclutec quality, who wanna optimize weight of her vehicle, and further increase optical and haptical value of car.

Carbon fibers: For high-end products exclutec uses the carbon fiber M46J UD in the stiffness-relevant components, as well as the carbon fiber T1000 UD for tension critical parts. Likewise we use fibers T800 2x2 Twill just as M55J UD. This are currently the highest quality carbon fibers, which also can be found in Formula 1 racing cars. We combine this with a variety of resin systems, to meet the relevant thermal stress and the required properties.

If the highest priority of carbon component is not the stability, rather more to reduce weight and create elegant surface (e.g. interior, diffuser or a cover), exclutec will use carbon fibers, which bring cost and value in perfect harmony.

No matter what you are looking for in carbon, exclutec gives you a perfectly tailored solution for your high quality vehicle