carbon wheels available!

carbon rim 19 inch

A pure carbon fiber composite rim - THE dream of every performance lover and car enthusiast! Technically now solvable, but using on street cars is unfortunately still blocked by European Union and Swiss laws.


A dream will come true! Rims of pure carbon are ready for production now, and could be installed on your vehicle immediately. The advantage - besides an extravagant look - the weight.

We're talking about 19 inch rim diameter - with a rim weight of only 4.5kg (9.9lbs)! That's almost 70% reduction of weight in comparison to an average aluminum rim of the same size, and this with higher strength at the same time!

The performance increase of the car is so enormous and very clearly noticeable, because it's act to the rotating masses on the vehicle. 1kg reduced rotating masses are in average roughly equivalent to about 3 to 4kg less weight from the rest of the vehicle. 2kg less per wheel (on all 4 wheels counted 8kg) increases the performance of the entire vehicle thus similar to normal weight reduction of about 30kg!

Unfortunately, the European legislation is not ready yet to offer test guidelines for carbon fiber composite material respectively carbon rims for automobiles. Neither the German Federal Motor Transport Authority or the German TÜV, nor the Swiss Dynamic Test Center and the associated MFK tests can issue an expert report, because of no legal basis and thus no entry in the vehicle documents.

If we examine the strength of our carbon rims which is according to the specifications for aluminum, the carbon version would pass every stability test with distinction. However, outside EU and Switzerland you can enjoy exclusive carbon rims on your vehicle legally.

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