about us

To make almost perfect things even more better and efficient as original has always been a big passion of the founder of exclutec. Since 1998 he operated very successfully in different areas of optimization of vehicles. 15 years later the target was reached to offer customers this perfection of quality, which he often sought in vain for his own vehicles.


exclusive technologies - short form exclutec - was launched to offer exactly this kind of individuality and quality, which is expected from technically enthusiastic and detail-loving customers.

The company exclutec AG have no interest to sell visual modifications "made in China" as often as possible to everybody. Our mission is to transform individual customer desires into very high quality results. To achieve this, we use almost exclusively carbon fiber composite materials which are absolutely lightweight, but convince with the highest strength at the same time.
In addition we also use high-strength and extremely lightweight MMC alloys (Metal Matrix Composite), which are normally used only in Formula 1 racing cars. Moreover high-strength adhesive bonds are possible for us as well as laser welding.

You're looking for a solution that nobody was able to offer? In this case - contact us! With extensive experience in prototyping and Formula 1 racing, we have appropriate expertise to offer you exactly what you really want. exclutec starts up where others leave off.

exclutec is the name for lightweight with passion. Because anger from poor quality accompanied significantly longer, than the brief joy at the small price!